About Us

YH Swimwear is the result of a meticulous dedication to offering today's women swimsuits that highlight feminine beauty by adapting and enhancing the silhouette, giving comfort and comfort, inviting customers to live a unique experience with each piece and see the fashion beyond the beach, with a garment made with high quality fabrics and state-of-the-art technology in its fine finishes, we have unique prints, designed by the brand in each collection which will make our clients feel exclusive, elegant, sophisticated and unique wherever they come across a YH Swimwear piece. Each one is made by expert hands in an exclusive and personalized way, made by Colombian women heads of families, this is undoubtedly one of our greatest values ​​as a brand to be able to contribute and be part of this beautiful project.


Our mission is to be avant-garde in the design and manufacture of swimsuits and accessories for the most demanding public, offering quality, elegance and fashion that highlight and highlight the silhouette of women, making them feel comfortable, elegant, modern and happy in sample pieces.

Our vision will be to become a benchmark for quality and trend in swimwear designs, innovating with our collections and developing technologies and designs that adapt to the current trend, always seeking the classic principle to create pieces that last over time and in time. wardrobe of our beloved clients, always contributing to responsible consumption and sustainability.




CRAFTSMANSHIP EXCLUSIVITY… Each piece is handmade in a workshop in the heart of the beautiful city of Medellín - Colombia, in an exclusive and personalized way, we dedicate many hours of work taking care of every detail of our products.

ERGONOMIC CREATIVITY ... Our molds and silhouettes designs are made with the comfort of the body in mind.

SOPHISTICATED SIMPLICITY… We make collections with a specific theme, rescuing the essence of the products.

CONSCIOUS BRAND ... We link friendly processes to the brand that not only facilitate the care of the environment but also that of women.